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About The Jerry Cutter XL

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    The Jerry Cutter XL Duct Wrap Cutter is a portable insulation cutter that will transport, score, and cut duct wrap/liner to length quickly and efficiently. The Jerry Cutter XL is two tools in one.

    First and foremost, it is designed as a fast-acting rolling shear that, in one pull of the handle, scores the fiber for lapping and cuts the insulation to length. Its design makes the feed of the insulation through the cutter smooth and easy. Measuring length is made easy, too, with the measuring tape holder. The handles of the truck become the legs for the cutter when laid in the cutting position.



It's Easy as 1... 2... 3...

   The Jerry Cutter XL requires no special skills to operate. After placing your roll of material into the cradle,

  1. Snap your tape measure to the tape measure slot

  2. Pull the insulation to length

  3. Pull the handle across

There! You're done! Your insulation is cut to length and scored perfectly.


Labor Efficient

   The Jerry Cutter XL is designed and built with you, the contractor, in mind! It will increase your efficiency, productivity, and profitability. This machine allows your crew to hit the ground running and begin work immediately.



  • No More setting up makeshift tables

  • No More hand razors to replace

  • No More spoiled or wasted material


Professional Results

   All cuts made with The Jerry Cutter XL are true and scored correctly. The material is clean and professionaly cut in record time! As a result, labor cost and material waste is reduced; providing greater profitability as well as employee job satisfaction and retention.



Product Features

  • Dual Adjustable Rolling Knives

  • One Hand Cutting Operation (left or right hand)

  • Rigid Steel Construction

  • Durable & Dependable

  • Lightweight for Easy Handling

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